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Good Luck, Have Fun

GLHF is a scalable eSports arena designed to bring the "hype" of live games to areas unvisited by official developer events.

By providing an immersive experience for spectators, engagement touchpoint for game developers, and marketing opportunities for sponsors, GLHF aims to overcome cultural stigmas by developing eSport's legitimacy to the mass market.

Exponential Growth Ahoy!

Capitalizing on a Growing Trend

eSports are organized multiplayer video game competitions that has attracted over 115 million viewers in 2015 and exponentially growing since 2012.

"Good Luck, Have fun" is an eSports arena that meets the market need of physical environments for viewer spectating, marketing touchpoints, and engagement opportunities between developers and their customers.

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Local Venues, Local Engagement

Live community engagement is limited to private locations hosted by developers. Those unable to participate in events due to location and travel restrictions are limited to watching live streams of games online. GLHF provides an opportunity for local communities to spectate eSports within a dedicated live venue that offers a much more immersive and exciting experience in their area.

Streaming Events Venue

Dynamic projections, reactive lighting, and friendly competition within the audience bring live games across the world to life.

Local Live Games

Local talent can battle it out on GLHF’s own stadium in community tournaments and events.

Casual Hotspot

Equipped with an arcade, bar, and screen ready to play live streamed casual games, GLHF is still active even with no official games running.


Pick a Side!

Upon entrance, visitors are prompted to pick a team side. This will determine their seating and which promotional booths they will visit.


Dynamic Lighting for Team Colors

Competing team colors are displayed through lighting throughout the entire arena and will react to audience volume levels and in-game events. Colors can adjust according to what teams are currently playing to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of eSports.


10,400 sq. ft. of opportunities

Based on an actual venue space located in Santa Monica, California, and designed with all stakeholders in mind, GLHF strategically immerses visitors within sustainable revenue opportunities to developers, sponsors, and GLHF as an independent entity.

Revenue Opportunities

Advertisement Opportunities

Merchandise / Sales

Dedicated Player / Broadcast Spaces

Spectating Areas

Coming to Major Cities

Identity and Rollout Strategy

GLHF's logotype was inspired by 8 bit games and old school arcade culture. Similar to how we would crowd around an arcade machine while watching two players duke it out, viewers gather around the main screen and stage within GLHF to watch the best of the best perform.

GLHF begins in Santa Monica, CA, a safe destination where the current most popular game developer regularly hosts live tournaments. Boston, MA, is the next expansion venue as a high number of technical colleges has an established eSports culture. Finally, Seattle, WA is home to the forecasted most popular game developer and is also a bustling metropolitan area with an established public transportation system; an environment conducive to drinking and watching video games.

The GLHF Venue Scale Model

A 1:200 scale model was built based on a 10,400 sq ft venue space in Santa Monica. The model was built from clear Acrylic, sandblasted and painted to showcase the dynamic lighting experience for competitive team brand colors, a highlight of the eSports experience.